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Creativity tools ready for your business

Looking for a boost in your team’s creativity? Need a new approach to a problem you’re struggling to solve? The Collage project has come to an end but its outcomes are still available and ready to use for those looking for new ideas.

The Collage catalogue of applications has been completely rebuild to offer the user the most useful tools according to its situation. Answering two simple questions about the user’s needs , the application will suggest one the best tool to help him along with a descriptive card and the tool tutorial.

The site also offers the possibility to browse through all applications and a brief description of each one.

The Collage project, funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission, has designed, developed and validated an innovative Social Creativity Service-Set which will support the synergistic interlinking of learning processes, resources and systems with social computing services for inspiring learners, social affinity spaces for leveraging expression and exploration, and social game mechanics for supporting social evaluation and appreciation of creative behaviour.

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ESADE, IED and UPC students present innovation projects at CERN

On 26th February, ESADE Business and Law School, the IED Barcelona Higher School of Design, and the Barcelona Telecommunication Engineering School (ETSETB) of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) presented four projects developed as part of Challenge Based Innovation (CBI). Organised in collaboration with the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) – the world’s leading centre for particle physics – CBI is an international initiative aimed at developing new solutions for the future of humankind.

Eighteen students from the three Barcelona-based schools developed four projects over the course of six months as part of an experimental innovation training programme that also included students from Italy, Norway, Finland and Australia. The objective of the programme was to create products and services that will solve problems currently faced by society.

The presentation took place at an official gala in the CERN Auditorium before an audience of the organisation’s scientists. The projects satisfied the CBI’s main objective of promoting innovation at the junction of science and society. After the presentation, the prototypes from each project were displayed at CERN’s IdeaSquare centre, where members of the audience could experience them first-hand.

The projects presented by the ESADE, IED and ETSETB-UPC students addressed four ambitious challenges: 1) reducing worldwide food waste, 2) inventing a viable system to improve the natural mobility of people with physical disabilities, 3) designing a system that would provide information on the effect of interpersonal interactions, and 4) creating a customised service that enhances well-being and safety using a combination of environmental and behavioural data.

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ECIM’s first pilot in Barcelona will be tested at the Mobile World Congress

What international conferences and global cities have in common? They are both truly rich in experiences and activities but also daunting with busy roads and agendas. That is why ECIM created an application that will allow you to move through Barcelona and the Mobile World Congress venue at the touch of a button.

You will have your map, calendar, events, points of interest (eg. your hotel) and public transport information at your fingerprints. Receive reminders and get directions – all without changing screens! What is more, you won’t even have to download the app.

ECIM is looking to develop the best possible service therefore, is asking all Mobile World Congress and 4YFN participants to take part in the testing. Register here to join the group of innovators and get the unique opportunity to use the first prototype from the 2nd to 5th of March 2015. You will receive a message with the link to the application on Monday.

What is asked of you is to use the app for at least one day and tell ECIM about your experience by filling a brief questionnaire. You can also come and talk to the project team at its booth at 4YFN.

The European Cloud Marketplace for Intelligent Mobility (ECIM) is a new solution, backed by the European Commission, set to change the way we access and use transport apps for the better. In a nutshell, ECIM replaces the 100s apps cluttering up your phone with a single interface. ECIM is an event and journey planner with a difference, where you not only decide which event to attend but also manage the different transport combinations – taxi, bus, train, bicycle hire – all using your favourite apps.

ECIM, with the collaboration of ESADE, is developing a flexible cloud platform where any app or online service can be uploaded in just a few clicks. Once in our cloud, ECIM gives users the full range of available services through a single interface on their smartphone. What’s more, service providers that migrate their apps to the ECIM cloud receive access to unique features that improve the user experience for their customers. From ‘one-time’ registration for all services to a shared payment system that covers the cost of a trip in one press of a button, ECIM eliminates confusing processes to get users moving faster.

ECIM is testing several prototypes in four European cities: Brussels, Belgium; Issy-Lex Moulineaux, France; Birmingham UK and Barcelona, Spain. ECIM Barcelona app is one of the platform’s proofs of concept that once tested, will give a way to new services and solutions.

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