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An App to transform mobility in Barcelona wins the ECIM BCN Hackathon

The BcnPlus Team with Victoria Cochrane, from ESADE

BcnPlus, a new solution for mobility in Barcelona won the ECIM Hackathon final held at the ESADE Business School. The new app wants to unify all the public transport cards used in Barcelona and bring them to mobile devices, that will become the “door” for these services using the recently developed Visual Light Communication (VLC) technology.

The solution, developed by Roberto de Arquer, Carlos Quintanilla and AndrésHernández, aims to offer the users of all the public transport in Barcelona an easier way to access to their cards, by integrating them through an app in their smartphones.

There, Users would be able to choose between the cards they have purchased anddirectly access the different mobility services provided by the administration, from Metro, buses or even Bicing, the popular public bike service.

Roberto explained that the app, besides introducing the new VLC technology, offers the users a full set of services related to mobility issues using the ECIM platform, including updated information offered by the service providers.

“We’re convinced that we can build a business venture, and winning would be great because there are some things that escape our knowledge and the assessment offered by ESADE as part of the prize will be really helpful.”, told Roberto just before the announcement of the team’s win.

Roberto and Carlos, both students of Multimedia Engineering at La Salle University, met Andrés at the Mobile World Congress, and he encouraged them to start a business together.

Victoria Cochrane, Pelayo Méndez and Pedro Lorente

The runners-up where Pelayo Méndez and Pedro Lorente, who designed an app to connect citizens and city services according to the user’s preferences and habits. Their app aims to unify all the services offered by public administrations and offer them in a useful way for the citizens, solving the myriad of apps currently tackling these problems one by one.

“We come from the era of App solutions, in which everything had an app generating loads of applications. Our proposal is something of a change of paradigm because if offers a good data service which it maintains, increases and allows other developers to work with,” explained Pelayo regarding the integration of the ECIM services.

The European Cloud Marketplace for Intelligent Mobility (ECIM), funded by the European Comission, aims to create smarter mobility services across Europe. Building on the success of the European Platform for Intelligent Cities (EPIC), ECIM uses the power of the cloud to create a marketplace for transport solutions where service providers, data providers and developers can come together and co-create innovative applications for citizens.

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