World Bank officials meeting at ESADE to learn from Open Innovation projects

Officials from the World Bank and many public decision makers around the world have gathered at ESADE to share and learn from projects involving Open Innovation in the Public Sector.

The approach of the workshop is to engage the participants in hands-on, participatory and real-life case study analysis involving also prototyping and testing of concepts, business models and service designs following Living Labs methodologies.

The main themes that are being addressed are Smart City Models, regarding its different
views depending on various cultures and areas of the world, Civic Engagement as a must for any Smart City initiative, Innovation Ecosystems to mobilize the full potential of
the civic society and Open Data, Big Data, Open Code and Open Hardware.

Participants, ICT directors, Innovation directors, open data platform coordinators,etc. come from places like Medellin, Buenos Aires, Washington, México, Uganda and Ghana, among others.

The Training Program will be held until the 14th of November at ESADE and it will include visits to centers like the Citilab at Cornellà or the Ateneus de Fabricació. The Center for Innovation in Cities at ESADE, lead by professor Esteve Almirall, has hosted the event.


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