The EU Commission’s Open Innovation 2.0 Yearbook highlights ESADE’s expertise

The European Commission Open Innovation 2.0 Yearbook was released last week, in order to “bring some fresh thinking as well as compelling evidence of the OI2 paradigm”, as the EU officials have stated.

The report, which recalls the origins of the Open Innovation concept and its potential to provide better solutions “to domains such as healthcare, transportation, climate change, youth unemployment, financial stability, prosperity, sustainability, and growth”. It also higlights that “these challenges provide a significant opportunity to create new shared value through innovation”.

We already see the influence of open innovation 2.0 which is taking the full advantage of strong seamless interactivity across all stakeholders, including users, across the whole innovation ecosystems: quadruple helix innovation! However, we need to continue actively searching for entirely new connections and areas between clusters.

New approaches create disruptiveness, and unanticipated opportunities. Therefore, it appears crucial for the public sector to catalyse a fluid, frictionless innovation space where all the stakeholders can share their ideas, prototype them and scale up the successes rapidly. Fail fast, scale fast!

The OI2 Yearbook also recalls the work of ESADE Professor Henry Chesbrough, who coined the term Open Innovation in 2003, and succesful experiences launched with the collaboration of ESADE, as the KIC InnoEnergy initiative.

If you’re interested in Open Innovation and the future of European Innovation Policy, take a look at the Open Innovation 2.0 Yearbook!

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