Turning scientists into managers and entrepreneurs: KIC InnoEnergy students at ESADE Summer School

The students worked on entrepreneurship basics at the EGarage

One of the challenges faced by any scientist with an idea with potential commercial benefits is to turn it into a sustainable business. Lack of managing, entrepreneurship and marketing education is a handicap to bring innovation to the market. KIC InnoEnergy Education Program is going to solve that offering its students an intensive course at ESADE Business School.

From the 30th of June and during four intensive weeks, 54 international students participating at three of the KIC Innoenergy Msc programs in Renewable Energy, Smart Electrical Networks and Smart Energy Buildings and Cities, along with the PhD students, will learn Business Administration and Entrepreneurship basics in order to complement its scientific education, received at the main universities of Europe in that field; the Royal Institute of Technology from Sweden, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, the Eindhoven University of Technology from the Netherlands, the Instituto Superior Técnico from Portugal, the KU Leuven from Belgium and the INP from Grenoble, France.

During the Summer School, which serves as a bridge between the two academic years the Msc students course through Europe, they will learn about Entrepreneurship Finance, HR and Operations Management, Product Development or Innovation and Strategy, among many other issues.

KIC InnoEnergy is a European company fostering the integration of education, technology, business and entrepreneurship and strengthening the culture of innovation to become the leading engine of innovation in the field of sustainable energy. The Consortium, backed by the European Commission, consists of 27 shareholders including industries, research centres, universities and two business schools. Committed to a seven years industrial plan, they will mobilize 700M€ of resources only for the period 2011-2015.

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