An energy saving initiative, the best entrepreneurship idea among KIC InnoEnergy Msc candidates

A company focused on energy saving solutions for old buildings projected by Francesco Martinelli was awarded as the best entrepreneurship project among the KIC InnoEnergy Msc candidates in a ceremony held at the ESADE EGarage.

Five of the candidates for the formation programs of the KIC InnoEnergy presented last Friday their ideas to improve the energy consumption in order to win a full scholarship for the master. Al five finalists also won a two-day stay at Barcelona.

The jury, composed by members of the KIC InnoEnergy, highlighted the “deep understanding of the field of energy saving “and the “solid background and knowledge on technology” showed by Martinelli.

The idea projected a company offering integral energy saving reforms for old houses with a calculated cost and an energy saving planning. The jury valued the approach of Martinelli’s idea and his research on real costs of energy saving installations.

The ceremony ended with all the KIC InnoEnergy Summer School students and the finalists together for a networking lunch at the EGarage.

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