A conference on Entrepreneurship to inspire the KIC InnoEnergy students

ESADE Creapolis hosted last Friday a conference on Entrepreneurship and Fundraising to inspire the KIC InnoEnergy students at the ESADE Summer School over the opportunities of starting its own business and how to fund it.

The conference offered a panel of entrepreneurs, Business Angels and experts from ESADE and the KIC InnoEnergy that explained for more than 50 students their experience, their ideas and some tips to success creating their own company.

The entrepreneurs experiences, many of them coming from research institutes, were the most followed by the students, that questioned them over the challenges and steps they have made to become a successful entrepreneur.

Among them were many owners of start-ups focused on environmental issues like Goldemar, Enerbyte or the Architecture studio Noem. The students also received counsel from investors as the director of ESADE BAN, Fernando Zallo, or the founder of Seed&Click, Juan Alvarez.

The program also included a presentation on the services and opportunities offered by ESADE Creapolis and the KIC InnoEnergy Business Creation Service.

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