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Post-Doc Fellowship at the ESADE Center for Innovation in Cities

Projected aerial view of the Barcelona Smart City Campus

The Center for Innovation in Cities is looking for a Postdoctoral fellow to conduct research on Innovation related to Smart Cities, with special focus on Open Innovation in the area. The offer has been posted at EURAXESS. Here are the main details:

Job Title: Postdoctoral Fellowship in Innovation

Date Posted: 01/07/2014

Application Deadline: 01/09/2014

Expected starting date: 01/01/2015

ESADE Business School (University Ramon Llull)

Center for Innovation in Cities

Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Management

Invites applications for a Postdoctoral Fellowship in: Innovation. Expertise in public sector innovation, open innovation and/or smart cities required.

Candidates must hold a recent Ph.D. in the fields of public administration, management sciences, public policy, information systems, or related areas. Expertise in one or several of the following areas is desirable: Public sector innovation, open innovation, smart cities, innovation ecosystems, collaborative innovation, or digital social innovation. Quantitative research methodologies will be a plus.

Candidates should have a proven ability to work with colleagues from other disciplines and a proven track record of publications (or in-progress publications). The successful candidate is expected to conduct his/her research in the field, and publish research results in the most prestigious international journals. He/she will also participate in the relevant activities or projects of the Center for Innovation in Cities/Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Management. Participation in conference organization or other coordination tasks may be required periodically.

The post will be offered on a fixed-term contract for a period of 2 years initially.

Completed application should include:

(1) Curriculum vitae, including the list of publications or work-in-progress.

(2) Synopsis of the applicant’s Ph.D. thesis, (if needed, the applicant should be prepared to send a copy of the thesis).

(3) Proposed plan of post-doctoral work at the Center for Innovation in Cities/Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Management.

(4) One writing sample, which could be an article or a scholarly paper published/presented in academic journals/conferences or extracts from the applicant’s past academic work.

(5) Two recommendations, of which one could be from the applicant’s dissertation supervisor.

For more information about ESADE Business School and the Center for Innovation in Cities/Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Management, candidates are encouraged to consult the websites and


Dr. Esteve Almirall / Dra. Mila Gascó

Center for Innovation in Cities/Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Management

ESADE Business School

Av. de Pedralbes, 60-62

E-08034 Barcelona (Spain)

Email: /

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A conference on Entrepreneurship to inspire the KIC InnoEnergy students

ESADE Creapolis hosted last Friday a conference on Entrepreneurship and Fundraising to inspire the KIC InnoEnergy students at the ESADE Summer School over the opportunities of starting its own business and how to fund it.

The conference offered a panel of entrepreneurs, Business Angels and experts from ESADE and the KIC InnoEnergy that explained for more than 50 students their experience, their ideas and some tips to success creating their own company.

The entrepreneurs experiences, many of them coming from research institutes, were the most followed by the students, that questioned them over the challenges and steps they have made to become a successful entrepreneur.

Among them were many owners of start-ups focused on environmental issues like Goldemar, Enerbyte or the Architecture studio Noem. The students also received counsel from investors as the director of ESADE BAN, Fernando Zallo, or the founder of Seed&Click, Juan Alvarez.

The program also included a presentation on the services and opportunities offered by ESADE Creapolis and the KIC InnoEnergy Business Creation Service.

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The Center for Innovation in Cities holds a workshop on Open Data and Local Administrations

Kevin Merritt and Eduard Gil

The workshop on “Transparency and Open Data in local government: Challenges and Opportunities”, organized by the ESADE Center for Innovation in Cities brought together more than a hundred people last monday at ESADEForum.

One of the highlights of the event was the presence of Kevin Merritt, founder and CEO of Socrata a pioneer company in open data in the United States. In his speech, Merritt noted the initiative taken by the city in all matters related to open data and added that “governments are outperforming the private sector in innovation.”

As part of this workshop at ESADE, the municipalities of Rubí and Gavà expressed its commitment to transparency and innovation by presenting its new web portals with open data technology, developed by Socrata. They are the first costumers in Spain for Merritt’s company, a leader in the industry that has already developed similar projects for municipalities in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, and other institutions, such as the White House or the United Nations. On the field of open data, Kevin Merritt recalled that “95% of the road is to be done” and noted the need to spread what he considers “a philosophy and an approach that is taken forever.”

The heads of Gavà, already applying the open data philosophy  on their website, and Ruby, who are developing it, confirmed the need to innovate and focus on open data to improve transparency and enhance economic development. “Society has evolved and public administrations have not done their homework,” said Carmen Garcia, mayor of Rubí. In the same direction, Raquel Sanchez, mayor of Gavà, stressed that the challenge of the web Gava Obert is not just “to become a tool of transparency and democratic control, but also add value.”

The debate continued with the experiences of those responsible for implementing the open data projects in both municipalities. Michael Donaldson, Presidency Coordinator of Ruby, and Eduard Gil, manager of the City of Gavà, noted the need to engage the entire municipal administration in the project, and discussed the different approaches that had been adopted and the first results obtained.

Finally, Mila Gascó, associate director of the Centre for Innovation in Cities, closed the event after offering academic perspective on the subject. For the points made by other speakers, Gascó added that “a government is transparent when reporting that allow citizens to make decisions,” noting how publishing all details of the administration would improve their accountability.

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An energy saving initiative, the best entrepreneurship idea among KIC InnoEnergy Msc candidates

A company focused on energy saving solutions for old buildings projected by Francesco Martinelli was awarded as the best entrepreneurship project among the KIC InnoEnergy Msc candidates in a ceremony held at the ESADE EGarage.

Five of the candidates for the formation programs of the KIC InnoEnergy presented last Friday their ideas to improve the energy consumption in order to win a full scholarship for the master. Al five finalists also won a two-day stay at Barcelona.

The jury, composed by members of the KIC InnoEnergy, highlighted the “deep understanding of the field of energy saving “and the “solid background and knowledge on technology” showed by Martinelli.

The idea projected a company offering integral energy saving reforms for old houses with a calculated cost and an energy saving planning. The jury valued the approach of Martinelli’s idea and his research on real costs of energy saving installations.

The ceremony ended with all the KIC InnoEnergy Summer School students and the finalists together for a networking lunch at the EGarage.

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