Open Innovation Toolkit ready for SSL-erate partners

One of the key points of the SSL-erate project is its adoption of Open Innovation to foster implementation of LED lighting and promote green business. This is one of the main contributions of ESADE professors participating in the project, Wim Vanhaverbeke and Henry Chesbrough, who first proposed Open Innovation concept in 2003.

Now, project partners and companies interested in developing new applications of SSL technology have a Toolkit to improve their performance and promote their creativity through collaboration. The development of this toolkit was one of the first steps of the project and the base for further collaboration and research.

The Toolkit, that is still a first version and will be reviewed and improved by partners involved, starts outlining the objectives of the SSL-erate project and defining the Open Innovation concept, also exposing its advantages and disadvantages and offering an example of successful application.

“Companies or organizations that participate in Open Innovation may face several challenges or problems”, alerts the Toolkit before offering some guidelines to improve management and focus efforts on exploring the advantages of these practices.

Therefore, the Toolkit deals with issues like relationships and cohesion, trust between partners and how to create a climate that permits creativity. On a more structural side, the Toolkit makes recommendations about selection of appropriate partners, contractual agreements and strategy and goals of collaboration.

Focusing on the practical problems organizations and companies may have to face, the Toolkit develops each issue with a brief introduction and a checklist of questions to take into consideration for a successful collaboration.

The Toolkit has been edited by Marc Steen from TNO with the collaboration of Pepijn Vos, Joyce Zwartkruis, Reine Karlsson, Håkan Lagerquist and Wim Vanhaverbeke, from the IIK at ESADE.

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