Henry Chesbrough awarded Honorary Doctorate at Universitat de Vic

Henry Chesbrough holding its Honorary Doctorate next to Jordi Montaña, UVIC’s rector. Image:UVIC

Henry Chesbrough, member of the institute of Innovation and Knowledge Management at ESADE, received on the 22th of may an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Vic – Central Catalonia University for its research on innovation and entrepreneurship, especially for its Open Innovation concept.

After receiving the honorary title, Chesbrough defined Open Innovation as “greater use of external ideas and technology in a business’s innovation process. Likewise, open innovation encourages businesses to allow their own unused internal ideas and technology out for others to use in their innovation processes”. This concept, coined by Chesbrough, has been widely embraced throughout Europe and the world.

For the innovation expert, receiving this recognition is a great honour. “I have been coming to Barcelona for nearly a decade. This honorary degree shows that Catalans are paying attention to new theories of innovation”, he said.

Chesbrough was also invited to participate in the International Advisory Board the university is preparing to promote its international reputation.

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