A new Open Cities Challenge fosters the creation of apps to improve tourism management

The European Project Open Cities, coordinated by ESADE, has just launched a new call-out to take part in the Open Data Tourism Hack at Homechallenge, a proposal focused on encouraging the creation of mobile apps to help cities to better manage the challenges and benefits of tourism.

The winning app will receive a 3.000€ prize and a nomination for the Mobile Premier Awards, the most prestigious awards in the app industry.

The Open Cities challenge, dedicated to Open Data and Sensor Networks, will allow Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Helsinki, Rome and Bologna to benefit from the talents of app creators to find solutions for managing tourism in the urban space.

By participating in the Open Data Tourism Hack at Homechallenge, developers will have the opportunity to turn their ideas into working apps through the Hack at Home platform, which allows participants to present their ideas, form teams with like-minded designers, developers and coders and get the help of expert mentors to build apps for the participating cities.

To find out more information and register, visit http://opencities.hackathome.com

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