The 35th DRUID Celebration Conference 2013 on Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship: Competitiveness and Dynamics of Organizations, Technologies, Systems and Geography

DRUID – an acronym for the Danish Research Unit on Industrial Dynamics – has since 1995 organized what has over the years allegedly become one of the world’s premier academic conferences on innovation and the related dynamics of technical, structural, institutional and geographical change. The 35th DRUID Conference will hosted by ESADE in June (17th – 19th).

The conference intends to map theoretical, empirical and methodological advances, contribute with novel insights, clarify and develop intellectual positions and help identify common grounds and lines of division in selected current scientific controversies within the field.

Conference highlights

Decide: Has Systems of Innovation research lost its value? Or is it stronger than ever? You can have your say in the plenary debate where famed debaters will lay out the positions. And you will, together with the rest of the conference, be asked to oppose or support the motion: “Let it be resolved that this conference believes that the systems of innovation approach is no longer a promising line of research”

Engage with the research frontier: 200 peer reviewed papers – all with previous unpublished research – will be selected for presentation in targeted chaired sessions. Two appointed discussants will share their assessment and initiate the debate of each paper.

Enjoy three top-end novel keynotesincluding Wes Cohen’s seminal: “Reflections on Fifty Years of Empirical Studies of the Economics of Innovative Activity and Performance”

Reflect on how Scientific Fraud(including plagiarism) might be undermining serious research. A number of spectacular and disturbing cases have recently emerged also in social science and some are still unfolding. Are we as a scientific community effective in self-policing or are much stronger measures needed? These crucial issues will dealt with in a plenary debate where your opinion will be included. The motion to be voted on before and after the debate is this: “Let it be resolved that this conference believes that the academic system is effective at self-policing, so that fraud and other research misconduct is kept to a minimum and research integrity is maintained”

Network and make new friends from all parts of the globe at the built-in excursions or during the Catalonia quality meals and breaks.

Indicate your position on whether conventional measures of financial performance really lead to poor strategic decisions about innovative projects. This is what the initial high-profile debate will be discussing.

We encourage you to take part!

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