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Open innovation: Organizational practices and policy implications

The IIK continues to support young postdoctoral students. Henry Lopez recently successfully defended his PhD Thesis on the organizational practices and policy implications of open innovation. His thesis was supervised by IIK director, Jonathon Wareham, and IIK visiting professor Wim Vanhaverbeke.

We wish Henry all the best in his career!

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New Findings on Process Innovation in Ibero-American countries

IIK member, Tricia Smith, has published an article with Manuel Suarez in the Journal Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, entitled “The Kaizen approach within process innovation: findings from a multiple case study in Ibero-American countries.”

Processes and process innovation remains important in the management of today’s organisations. In management and academic circles in Europe, Asia and the USA, the subject of processes and their innovation continue to be the basis of discussions regarding organisations’ operations. The relevance of process innovation has gained weight as a result of various well-publicised failures by some major firms to operate new processes, leading to clients receiving low-quality goods and services.

However, regarding the Iberian countries, academic references are few and far between regarding process innovation and Kaizen. Thus, it seems that previous studies represented in the literature show Kaizen from the angle of implementation of process innovation methods, and so the aim of this paper is to understand how these methods of process innovation are applied in the context of Kaizen in organisations operating in Ibero-American countries.

This research has reported the results of a multiple case study, showing and providing empirical evidence grounded in the application of process innovation and the impact this has on the management of the organisation. In our study, we found that the application of process innovation basically can begin to help Ibero-American companies to understand (wake-up or become aware of) the begin to inspire (theme of synchronisation) the sense of managing from the point of view of process innovation and the philosophy of Kaizen in continuous improvement.

The full article can be found online:


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The SMS Special Conference “Strategizing Practices from the Outliers: Enabling Big Bang Innovations” at Lake Geneva moves closer.

ESADE professor, Henry Chesbrough, will speak at the SMS special conference on March 22nd. ESADE is proud to be co-sponsoring the Strategic Management Society Special Conference on “Strategizing Practices from the Outliers: Enabling “Big Bang” Innovations” which will serve as a platform to bring strategy, management and business scholars and practitioners together to discuss and develop strategies for how “outlier” organizations are developing practices that enable large-scale, transformative innovation.

Watch the SMS 2013 Lake Geneva Trailer:

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Ann Majchrzak, PhD, joins the IIK as visiting professor

Ann Majchrzak

We are extremely pleased to announce that Ann has joined the IIK at the ESADE Business School as visiting professor.

Ann Majchrzak is Professor of Information Systems, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California. She holds a PhD in Social Psychology from UCLA, and is Fellow of the Association for Information Systems 2012. Her general research interests are in understanding how IS affordances can support worker agility and ingenuity within collaborative settings, with a special interest in how IS can give voice to the disenchanted and disenfranchised. This has led to research on the role of IS in innovative problem-solving in distributed teams; knowledge-sharing and creation in high-risk, volatile, and emergent contexts; enterprise knowledge co-creation among dispersed strangers; online collaborative innovation, and, most recently, innovative collaborative co-creation in open innovation and crowdsourcing.

Ann has published in journals such as MIS Quarterly, Organization Science, Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, CACM, Management Science, Information Systems Research, IEEE Transactions, JMIS, among others. She has served on three National Academy of Sciences committees, and has received research grants from NSF, SIM-APC, Russell Sage Foundation, CIGREF, among others as well as partnered with numerous companies in joint action research such as: Hewlett-Packard, Texas Instruments, General Motors, Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Northrop, and IBM. She has also written several books, including a recent collaboration with M Lynne Markus (Methods for Policy Research, 2nd Ed) in which she advocates an evidence-based approach to managerial decision making.

Welcome, Ann!

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