Intellectual Property and Open Innovation

According to the ESADE report on Open Innovation and Public Policy in Europe, “a government that wants to promote open innovation should provide private firms with enough protection to induce them to invest in creating new IP. At the same time, a government has an over-riding interest to ensure that technology is commercialised in as many ways as possible and disseminated widely throughout society. Policy makers should remain concerned with this apparent trade-off between incentives to innovate and ease of diffusion. But recent shifts in the R&D strategies of private firms may suggest that markets for technology can play a more important role in promoting diffusion than in the past. As companies look to make greater use of their IP outside of their own businesses, the supply of knowledge available in the market should increase. Thus, governments should clarify the ownership of IP, and provide the institutional and legal support for its purchase and exchange.

Trademarks, copyrights, trade-secrets and industrial design rights are important in the discussion of an open innovation policy. The emergence of the internet is changing and will continue to change the business models that are used in many service industries . Policy measures can have a considerable impact on the speed and direction of these changes – as we have seen in the music industry – but the European Commission could play a major role in proactively ensuring that IP regulation supports the conditions for business model changes in several services industries that rely on these types of IP protection.”

On the 28th of February 2012, ESADE organizes the “Intellectual Property. Current Issues” conference to discuss IP issues linked to the political agenda. The conference will be hosted in Barcelona and it will feature some of the best specialist in the field.

More information about this event is available here.

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